Steps on how to build a Jeep

Jeep builds are an excellent way to customize your car. But you need to know what steps are involved.

Addition of bigger tires and a lifting kit can make a jeep look more attractive and can also improve off-road performance, as you will have more ground clearance. Modifications may affect the vehicle's safety and functionality, so it is important to be cautious.

Order of Operations

There are plenty of options and parts when it comes time to build a Jeep. This is true whether you're building it for extreme off road use or for a custom look. Although there are many parts available, you don't want to just order them from a catalogue simply because they look good on the show models.

Plan your Jeep build. Our experts at the 146 Kustom store are ready to assist you in finding the right parts for your Jeep.

Bigger Tires

Larger tires can make an enormous difference in the performance and appearance of your Jeep. They can make a Jeep more aggressive, and better suited for off-roading. They can improve traction and handling.

Make sure you get the right rims first before you install bigger tires. The most critical measurements are the rim's diameter and width. The wrong rim will damage your tires. When you try to fit your tires into a small rim, their edges can rub against the road.

You can also use wheel spaces to increase the clearance of your Jeep without a lift. This will prevent your tires from rubbing up against the fenders and body.

Lift Kit

Lift kits are essential for those who want to upgrade to bigger tires. Adding a lifting kit also improves the appearance of your Jeep.

Some lift kits will require additional parts like longer shocks, brake lines and control arms. This will increase both the cost and the complexity of the installation.

Jeep suspension lifts are the most popular lift kit. They raise the frame and body of the Jeep. These kits come in different sizes, ranging from 2-6 inches. The handling of your Jeep can be significantly improved by adding a lift and large tires.

Suspension Upgrades

The suspension system consists of springs systems, shocks absorbers, suspension and steering linkage parts. These are the components that connect wheels to vehicle frames for motion. A good Jeep's suspension balances on-road and off-road stability.

Many people say that long-arms setups ride better. However, this is more often due to other factors than the control arm length. Long-arms provide a greater breakover, which is crucial for offroad articulation.

Another important modification to make is adding a performance coilover kit. This will help increase the payload capacity of your Jeep and reduce shock fade.

Off Road Bumpers

Specialty bumpers are one of the coolest modifications a Jeep can get. These bumpers are not only unique, but they protect your vehicle against dings, scratches and other damage, especially while you're out on the trails.

Many of the top off road bumpers have winch compatibility, clevis/D'ring mounts to provide additional recovery options, and auxiliary light integrations that illuminate your path while you are out on the trails. Powder coat finishes help them withstand the weather and prevent scratches and rust.

You can choose from a pre-fabricated one-piece design, modular pieces that you can weld or assemble, and a range of styles to meet your needs.


Winches are essential for any Jeep whether you're a seasoned off-roader, or just getting started. A winch can help you get out of a tree when you're stuck or it can be used to pull a vehicle from trouble.

Most of the time a winch attaches to the bumper through a fairlead. This is the slot where the cable enters the bumper.

Depending on your bumper type and other modifications you may need to drill in order to install a fairlead. Always secure the hook to a D Ring. This will prevent the hook from going around an obstacle and potentially damaging your car.

Exterior Lighting

Upgraded lighting will be necessary, especially if you are planning to off-road and avoid obstacles. You have a variety of options to illuminate the trail. From light bars to pod lights, there are options for all shapes and sizes. They can be mounted anywhere: on the roof or hood, on the bumper, on the side view mirrors or on the sides. Off-road lighting is built to last with LEDs and rugged constructions.

The build sheet is essential if you are looking to buy a used Jeep. This will help you determine whether the vehicle has had any modifications. If not, you can take it to an expert like 146 Kustom and have them evaluate the condition of your vehicle as well as suggest parts that would complement your new ride.

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